Why support the project?

When sending a film out to festivals, applications can range from $30-50 per festival. And since there are thousands of film festivals in the world, it can get expensive for the world to see your film. I will be updating the site as to which festivals I have sent and been accepted to. I’m estimating I want to send to 30-40 major festivals.

I was able to save enough money for the production and editing of the project, but now I need some help. Please donate so that the world can see how amazing fencing can be.

Can I buy the film now?

Unfortunately, my music license is for festivals and private screenings only. I would like to purchase the rights to the music by Moby, but I need some more money for that. All the more reason to donate and help support the project!

After I complete my festival tour, I will be able to make the film available for purchase.

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