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Junior Olympic Fencing Championships Come to Salt Lake City This Weekend | News | USA Fencing.

Good luck to everyone competing in the Junior Olympics this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Especially to my NYAC and Empire United teammates.) A long, long time ago, I fenced in my first Junior Olympics and they were also in Salt Lake City, Utah. I remember going to a Chuckie Cheese, a T.G.I.Friday’s, and a good Mexican restaurant that had a waterfall show. I don’t know what’s there now, but hopefully some other good stuff too.



Another country has reposted my video…Italy! I found this page while browsing the youtube stats and saw I had a huge spike in views after this posting. After further pursuing of this blog, it seems to cover all Italian results and posts pictures from various tournaments. I don’t speak Italian, but it’s a pretty nice fencing site. And they found my film. Fantastico!

It’s time for the first women’s epee world cup of the season in the lovely city of Doha, Qatar. We will also be competing at the same time as the men’s epee event. Go Team USA!

I just happen to be poking around the Qatar Fencing website and saw that a still from “Speed of Fencing” is being used as an icon on the main site! They didn’t ask me, but whatever. Kind of cool that a federation half-way around the world has seen my film.

You can watch the competition live on the Qatar Fencing site, Feb 10-13: