Jared Leto’s newest music video is directly mimicking the grace and movement captured with a slow motion camera. Too bad they are fencing sabre as epee fencers and they look clunky and awkward compared to the gymnast.

This one I saw today and it has an interesting space theme. It’s pretty hard to lunge on the sandy surface of the moon, so I don’t recommend this.

Finally, our own Fencers Club made a promotional video that looks a lot like mine. I wish they had asked me to be involved, but I love these guys so no hard feelings.


Winner! Speed of Fencing won Best Experimental Film at the Big Apple Film Festival this weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out, worked on the film, or has ever seen the film! I was so excited to finally win I almost blanked out when I received the award. And it was even better to win in the city where the film was made. Thank you, New York!

It’s been a wild ride and I’m glad to finish the film festival circuit in the city where my journey began. I’m excited for the next project, which I will post about in the coming days. It’s never going to be goodbye, but it’s time to move on to bigger things.


If you missed the Coney Island Film Festival, here’s your last chance to catch Speed of Fencing in NY! Tickets went on sale today and will continue to be available for advanced purchase until November 18th. Tickets are $20 for the shorts program at 11am on Sunday, November 18th and it’s really fun to attend film festivals. šŸ™‚

PS – Congrats to everyone who fenced at the first NAC of the season in St. Louis!