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I really love this blog. They post old and new pictures of fencing DAILY! I submitted a link to Speed of Fencing to the site and it was posted last week. Great job blogger!


Now that the summer is about to begin, it’s time to apply to some festivals for fall screenings. Here is the latest list, which has a few more in Europe I still need to add. If anyone has a suggestion for other festivals (shorts, experimental, sports) let me know! You can also DONATE HERE and help me pay for the application fees. Crossing fingers!

Big Apple Film Festival
AFI Fest
Indie Fest USA
Oaxaca FilmFest (Mexico)
Louisville’s International Festival of Film
Twin Cities Film Fest
Independent’s Film Festival
Williamstown Film Festival
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (Canada)

Check it out! Leon Paul posted a nice comment and shared my cousin’s link of Speed of Fencing on their Facebook page! Combine our two YouTube pages and the Vimeo page, there are OVER 30,000 VIEWS!!! Not too shabby 😉 Click on the image and “like” Leon Paul’s page.

Also related to Leon Paul, I will be releasing the behind-the-scenes video to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP US Men’s Epee Team photo shoot. Here’s a sneak peak of Ben Bratton in action at the shoot. Thanks to Michael Dote for getting me involved in the Leon Paul shoot!

Just sharing another email from the international crowd…
Congratulations for your fantastic video…..just great!!  And your Web-Site is very interesting. Before I continue, please excuse my english.
I am the fencing master of three clubs around Zurich, Switzerland. , , .
On the Kuessnacht Web-Site you can find your video. Specially the Kids are very impressed and are motivated to train like in your video. Thanks for that motivation from your side. Max Heinzer, the number 6 in the world epee ranking, grew up in the Küssnacht-club.
If you are part of the US-Team for London, i wish all the best. Once to be at the Olympics is a fantastic feeling. I was at the tragic Munich Games 1972.
Do it as the US-men team did in Kiev a good week ago…..go for Gold!!!!!!
Kind regards,
Léonard Wolter