Congrats to our Olympians

After an amazing two weeks of Olympic sports, the US Fencing team walked away with it’s first medal in women’s epee. BRONZE!!! I can’t say how proud I am of the team and for being part of it throughout this quad. It was even more special to be in the audience cheering for them. Congrats to Maya Lawrence, Susie Scanlan, Kelley and Courtney Hurley.

Team USA also had fourth places in Men’s Epee, Women’s Saber, and Men’s Foil. Further evidence that our country is one of the top program for fencing in the world. Congrats to you all!

And congratulations to all our of fencers, athletes, coaches, supporters, and referees for taking part in a wonderful Olympic Games. You did a great job, London…now on to Rio 2016!


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