It’s pretty windy out in the city tonight. (Thanks, Sandy.) What are you going to do while you still have power? Buy your tickets for the Big Apple Film Festival! Mark your calendars, Speed of Fencing will be playing on November 18th, 11am at Tribeca Cinemas. Stay safe everyone!

If you missed the Coney Island Film Festival, here’s your last chance to catch Speed of Fencing in NY! Tickets went on sale today and will continue to be available for advanced purchase until November 18th. Tickets are $20 for the shorts program at 11am on Sunday, November 18th and it’s really fun to attend film festivals. 🙂

PS – Congrats to everyone who fenced at the first NAC of the season in St. Louis!


If you missed the Coney Island Film Festival screening of Speed of Fencing, come for the NY finale at the Big Apple Film Festival! Tickets go on sale October 15th, so don’t miss out! I’m super excited for this screening in Tribeca and think it will be the best one yet. The festival tour of the film is winding down so I’m honored to have been accepted to BAFF.

About the festival: Each year, the Big Apple Film Society will host the Big Apple Film Festival. The festival will screen a variety of specially selected film from the New York City independent film community, as well as additional selections from across the country and around the world. The festival includes New York City premieres, interactive panel discussions with industry professionals from the New York City film community, honorary award presentations to individuals who have played an influential role in independent filmmaking in the New York City area, networking parties and events, as well as a closing night awards ceremony in which awards will be presented for achievement in filmmaking, screenwriting and acting.

Home to featured fencing star, Lauren Willock, Speed of Fencing is coming to Louisville, KY! When investigating festivals to apply to, I tried to select the hometown of each of the fencers who participated in the shoot. And who doesn’t want to stay at the Galt House for the 10th time! (We used to have a lot of fencing tournaments in Louisville and that was the spot to stay.)

Speed of Fencing was accepted to the On The Edge Film category and will be screened at 4pm on October 5th at the Galt House, C. Ford Room.

About LIFF:
Louisville’s International Festival of Film (LIFF) is committed to screening artistic films not usually presented through commercial venues, giving independent filmmakers a place to showcase their work. The proceeds of the Festival will be used by the LFAI to help fund education efforts focused on training the filmmakers of tomorrow in Metro Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

In addition to film screenings, the festival will host a variety of seminars, events and parties designed to provide Kentuckians and industry visitors alike the opportunity to become involved in the future of the Film Industry in Kentucky. We believe that an annual festival will promote Kentucky and Metro Louisville as a destination point for film production drenched in hospitality, arts and culture.


Check it out! Another acceptance!

The All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival takes place on November 9-11, 2012. I received a very nice phone message about my acceptance and love the idea of a sports themed film festival. As luck would have it, there is a national tournament that very same weekend in Virginia Beach, VA so it looks unlikely that I will be able to attend.

About the Festival (from their website)
Whether it is a dramatic or comedic piece, we want screenwriters and filmmakers to share their great stories in regards to the world of sports. We felt that creating this festival would give the many sports fanatics out there an outlet for their love of competition. We ask you, the filmmaker, to only submit films that the plot centers around the competition or competitor. We will respectfully decline films that just have a competition scene in them that isn’t pivotal to the story or character.

Some people have asked us to define “sports.” Well, we want to include any subject matter that deals with mental and physical competition for the sake of winning a prize (and not killing anyone along the way to do it). So we’re ready to watch and read any stories from auto racing to badminton and spelling bees to chess.



What a great weekend! I had a really fun time at the Coney Island Film Festival. Not only did I see some good films, I rode bumper cars, saw burlesque shows, drank whiskey out of someone’s nose (it was sterile, don’t worry), and ran into friends from the Indie Spirit Film Festival! Anything goes in Coney Island and it’s all about embracing this amazing culture they’ve preserved through the Coney Island USA, a non-profit arts preservation society. Thanks Coney Island!


A little fun with swords 😀
“The Warrior Chief” is actually putting it OUT of the sword-swallower’s mouth.


My first sold out screening!Image